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The Role of a Client in a Construction Project

When it comes to a construction project, the owner or the client does more than just writing checks. The owner is in charge of the entire project. However, this can be a non-professional player in the project. That’s why the owner hires professionals to handle the project. But, what is the role of a client in a construction project? Here are some of the major responsibilities of a client in a construction project. 

Financing the Project 

It’s the responsibility of the owner to ensure that the project gets adequate funding. They should also ensure that funds for the project are availed on time. What’s more, they should have reserve funding just in case the inevitable happens. 

Providing Construction Site Surveys 

It’s the responsibility of the owner to provide accurate, complete, and relevant data when necessary during the construction project. Typically, the contractor is responsible for the correct layout, as well as, execution of the construction work. 

Easements Securing and Payment 

The project owner is responsible for ensuring that the site is accessible. They are also responsible for getting approvals from relevant agencies or authorities before the construction work commences. However, the contractor should also ensure that all administrative matters are taken care of before embarking on the project. 

Specifications and warranting all the Plans 

The client should warrant the specifications and plans adequacy on different projects. Therefore, the owner should bear responsibility for deficiencies or defects in them. These defects can be in the form of time and product. And, they involve technical specifications’ inaccuracy. The owner should be careful to warranty all plans and specifications of the project. 

Selecting Project Professionals 

It’s the client’s responsibility to select the professionals for their project. The client makes vital decisions when it comes to a construction project. They hire the contractor, designer, architect, and engineer. The owner is responsible for ensuring that the project is completed by the right people. 

The client invests money and time in a construction project. Therefore, they play a significant role in ensuring its successful and timely completion. 

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