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The Pre-Construction Process- What Does it Involve?

You’ve probably heard contractors or people involved in construction projects talk about the pre-construction process. But Melissa of Southwest Appliance Repair asked, what exactly does this process involve? Basically, pre-construction process entails everything that is done before actual construction commences. Once you choose the contractor to work with, you have to hold a pre-construction meeting. During this meeting, the players involved in the project familiarize with each other and the project. Here are some of the things involved in a pre-construction process. 

Familiarizing with Each Other 

This is the time when all players involved in the project get to know one another. The involved team members meet the client to discuss different aspects of the project. Representatives of the neighborhood can also be involved in the preconstruction meeting. It’s through this meeting that the client determines whether the construction team is ideal for their project. 

Discussing Project Specifications and Designs 

After familiarizing, the involved players commit to work together. The first step of the process is discussing the specifications and design of the project. At this step, players can also discuss the budget. This enables the client to get an estimate of the amount they will spend on the project. A construction cost estimator is involved to ensure that the client gets a more accurate estimate. The client can also design to alter or expand the scope of their project to suit their budget and other needs. 

Committing to the Construction Project 

After discussing the design, project specifications, and budget, the contractor and the client commit to the project. This is basically agreeing to meet specific obligations. The contractor provides a contract and a proposal that includes the detailed specifications of the project. Both the contractor and the client sign a contract to confirm their commitment to the project. 

Project Planning 

Before the actual construction commences, the contractor’s team take time to plan the project. This plan highlights what will be done and when. It acts as the guide for the team during construction. Planning can also include deciding how and when materials will be ordered and how they will be delivered to the site. 

After these preconstruction activities, the project is ready to start. Continuous monitoring as well as control is done to ensure that the contractor’s team delivers what it promises the client. 

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