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Lean Construction Tenets- What it’s All About

Lean construction implementation is gaining traction in different parts of the world. That’s because more people are realizing the advantages of proper implementation of this concept in construction. Essentially, lean construction maximizes value by minimizing the wastage of resources. However, executing the philosophy of lean construction is not easy. Some people don’t even know what lean construction is all about. Here are the basic tenets of the lean construction philosophy. 

Continuous Improvement 

When practicing lean construction, a company should be open to different and new ways of operating. A contractor should be open to modern technologies and innovations that will enhance efficiency in the utilization of the available resources. Thus, the focus should be on improving ways of doing things. 

Waste Removal 

A contractor that wants to implement the lean construction concept should focus on the reduction of physical waste. This waste can arise from poor utilization of construction materials. What’s more, a contractor should aim to reduce time wastage and underutilization of the potential of the workers. 

Essentially, a contractor should ensure that every job is done correctly to avoid the need for rework. What’s more, proper scheduling should be done to prevent downtime. Also, just-in-time inventory should be used to ensure that only the required materials are supplied. 

Client Satisfaction 

Every process and decision is made with the needs of the client in mind when it comes to lean construction. Thus, lean construction principles focus on ensuring that the priorities and goals of the client are guaranteed. 


A contractor that implements lean construction principles recognizes the importance of respecting workers. Essentially, workers perform better when shown respect and encouraged to collaborate. Allowing them the freedom to solve different problems and even guiding their processes can enhance performance. 

In addition to these tenets, lean construction focuses on standardization and planning. This eliminates issues that can necessitate rework down the road.

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