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5 Important Things to Know Before the Start of a Construction Project

When planning a construction project, there are things that you should know before ground breaking. Of course, there are many considerations to make with any project. However, there are 5 important things that you should know before you start working on any aspect of the project.

The Priorities

You need to know the priorities of the construction project. Start by listing things that must be done to ensure successful completion of the project. Does the construction project have a timeframe or budget that must be adhered to? Are there specifications for the building’s structure that shouldn’t be compromised? Keep a list of project priorities rather than a wish list to ensure the success of your construction project.

Project Leader

Who will lead workers at the construction site? Is it a design-build contractor or a general contractor? Decide on the person that will be responsible for overseeing all project aspects. A design-build project provides a single responsibility point from design to construction.

The Roadblocks and Problems to Expect

Every construction project has roadblocks and problems that occasion delays. For instance, you can have challenges when obtaining construction permits. You can also have issues with insurance and local weather. It’s crucial that you bear in mind the roadblocks and hurdles that you will face down the road. Essentially, don’t wait for problems to occur in order to react. Instead, be proactive from the beginning of the construction project.

Impact of the Project on the Community

How will the community be affected by the construction project? This is a very important consideration. It enables you to avoid troubles with the community where the project is located.

Project Limits

Does the construction project have limits? In most cases, construction schedules change due to different factors. This is also the case for construction budgets. Nevertheless, bear in mind the limits of your project from the beginning.

These are crucial things to know before the start of a construction project. Have them in mind to ensure smooth and successful completion of your project.

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