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4 Ways to Make a Construction Jobsite Safe

Safety should be given priority at any construction jobsite. This is very important because it improves the morale of workers while keeping the project on budget and schedule. Here are 4 ways to make a construction jobsite safe.

Plan in Advance

Extensive planning before the construction job starts is important because it identifies tasks that should take place onsite. It also enables you to plan for possible safety hazards. Therefore, construction project managers as well as field representatives need to come up with preventative measures and communicate them clearly to workers. They should also provide the right equipment and tools to workers.

Risk Management

An obvious factor that can cause safety issues at the construction jobsite should be considered while developing a safety plan and implementing it. Most deaths at construction jobsites happen between 10 am and 3 pm. Fatalities are at their peak around noon. Most fatalities occur from Monday to Thursday. Industrial projects have more incidents than commercial and residential projects.

This makes holding safety meetings at noon and at the beginning of every week important. Strong safety protocol should also be observed over lunch breaks. When working on industrial projects, safety meetings should be held frequently. Safety protocols should also be more stringent due to the unique dangers of industrial buildings.

Staffing and Scheduling

Worker exhaustion is another safety issue that is pressing but usually overlooked. There is a talent shortage industry-wide. This makes staffing construction jobsites appropriately difficult. As such, some construction companies tend to overschedule their workers with an aim of meeting the schedules of demanding constructions. This leads to injuries and fatalities because workers end up being mentally and physically worn out.

Therefore, construction companies should avoid worker exhaustion by limiting their extended shifts. Workers and subcontractors should not work many hours. Construction companies should also take care of talent shortage when accepting projects and scheduling them.

Making Safety a Culture

For successful implementation of a safety program, safety should be integrated into the culture of a construction company. This culture can be instilled in the workers through education. Construction companies should also have regular offsite and onsite safety events to teach workers the latest regulations while providing refreshers on the current ones.

Proper planning, staffing, education, and risk management are important components that make a jobsite safe. Safety of workers should be prioritized. Workers should also have the necessary tools for preventing incidents before their occurrence.

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